Who will Singapore’s ‘naturalized player’ Song Eui-Young face against Klinsmann?

There is one Korean name on the Singapore national soccer team’s roster as the Klinsmanns face their first opponent in their quest to qualify for the 2026 World Cup in North and Central America.

That’s South Korean forward Song Eui-young (30-Surabaya), who naturalized in Singapore in 2021.

Song hails from Incheon, South Korea, where he played his way up through the elite ranks of South Korea’s elementary, middle, and high schools.

He attended soccer’s prestigious Yeouido High School through Jung Wangjoong, and upon graduating from high school in 2012, he joined Singapore’s prestigious Home United, coached by Lee Im-Seung at the time.

After proving himself in Singapore’s second division in his rookie year, scoring 11 goals in 12 games, Song made the leap to the first team that year.

Initially playing as a midfielder, he gradually moved into more offensive duties.

In 2018, he scored 20 goals in all competitions, including 10 in the league, and was recognized as a “superstar” in Singapore.

That’s when the naturalization process began, and Song became a Singaporean citizen in 2021.

After playing a total of 11 years with Home United and its rebranded team, Ryan City, Song moved to Thai Premier League side Nong Bua Pitchaya earlier this year, before moving again to Thai Premier League side Persebaya Surabaya last summer. 보스토토 주소

At Lion City, he helped the team win its first regular season title in 18 years in 2021.

He also impressed domestic soccer fans in the 2022 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL) group stage by scoring two consecutive goals against Daegu FC.

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