Why did Kim go to the immigration office with Weedee?

“I thought maybe it would help. They were playing so well that I felt like I had to do something (laughs).”
Wonju DB won its opening five games in a row with a 94-79 victory over Daegu KOGAS on Wednesday.

Dedrick Lawson, who has been leading DB’s frightening surge, finished with 21 points, 13 rebounds, six assists, and four blocks in 37 minutes and 12 seconds of action.

Lawson was able to take it easy in the 2:48 he spent on the bench. That’s because Jeff Widdie was on the court. Of course, Withy is still not fully healthy, so he played a long time, but having a foreign player to back him up was different from other games.

DB brought in Weedie to replace Garrison Brooks, who suddenly complained of knee pain. Brooks was diagnosed with a two-week diagnosis at a KBL-designated hospital, with some saying it would be a mistake to keep him out of the game.

DB released Brooks and brought in Weedie. Although Weedie arrived in Korea on the evening of the 1st, he was able to play because he had completed his player registration before the game against Gasworks.

Usually, when replacing a foreign player, the club makes various preparations to register the player even before arriving in the country, but there are many cases where the player is delayed due to late visa issuance.

If Weedie didn’t register by the third day, he wouldn’t be able to play until the Ulsan Hyundai Mobis game on the fifth. 토토사이트

DB rushed the registration process for Widie, and she was registered by the third day. DB head coach Kim Joo-sung also played a role in this.
“The team traveled to Daegu (on the 2nd), and coach (Kim Joo-sung) went directly to the immigration office with Widie,” said a DB official. “They cooperated well, but it’s unusual that the visa came out in one day. It usually takes two to three days. The coach went and personally asked for a favor, and the process went well.”

When asked why he accompanied Widdie to the immigration office before the game against Gasworks, Kim said, “We went together and just stood there (laughs). He said something like, ‘You’re a basketball player,’ so I said yes. We got there around 9:20. “I thought, ‘Maybe I can help,'” he says, “because they were playing so well. They were playing so well that I felt like I had to do something (laughs). I thought, “It’s not that I’m hard, it’s just that they need to put in the effort.

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