Belangel, who missed 3 free throws, scored 10+ in 3 consecutive games.

Sam Josef Belangel went back and forth between hell and heaven. He missed all three free throws at critical moments and failed to record double-digit scores for three consecutive games.

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation won 96-94 after a fierce battle in the home game against Seoul SK held on the 29th. Acting gas construction manager Kang Hyeok also enjoyed his first win since his debut.

If KOGAS had lost that day, it could have had a difficult start to the season. SK is a favorite to win. However, Oh Se-geun and Kim Seon-hyung were not in good condition. In addition, Jamil Warney and Gomez Riano were also absent.

If KOGAS is not at its normal strength and loses to SK, who is missing Warny, it will be even more difficult to beat other teams.

KOGAS played a close game throughout the game, led by Andrew Nicholson (37 points), who scored 16 points in the first quarter alone. Even Shin Seung-min (21 points), who played despite a bad ankle, actively contributed to the attack.

Amid the back and forth, with 2 minutes and 23 seconds left in the game, Belangel made a clever move and induced a foul from Kim Sun-hyung. He was recognized as a 3-point attempt and earned 3 free throws. Korea Gas Corporation was trailing 89-91. If all free throws were successful, the game could be turned around, and a score of at least two could be tied.

Belangel switched from shooting free throws with one hand during the offseason to shooting them with both hands. This means that free throws are unstable. Still, in the match against Changwon LG on the 28th, all four free throws were successful.

This day was different. He missed the rim with each throw. In the end, all three free throws failed.

Belangel had 20 and 19 points in the previous two games. On this day, it only scored 9 points. If he had succeeded in even one out of three free throws, he would have recorded double-digit scoring in three consecutive games. Belangel scored double figures (10-14-10) in three consecutive games early last season.

If KOGAS had lost, Belangel’s missed free throw could have been considered a loss, but fortunately, KOGAS won thanks to Nicholson’s come-from-behind 3-pointer.토스카지노 도메인

Acting coach Kang Hyuk said ahead of the game, “During the off-season, I said I would like him to do this, but he had a lot of habits. It also had the impact of preventing people from participating in practice games. Since Belangel is a guard, he should be happy to pass when his teammates move. However, Belangel had a strong tendency to do things alone, such as taking shots,” he said. “He didn’t do well in the cup competition, but now he is trying to get to know his teammates and play as a team. There are cases where it is unreasonable. It can’t be there. I can’t be 100% satisfied, but I am satisfied and have fun. The shot is also more stable than before. “I have a lot of confidence,” Belangel said, adding that he has changed from last season.

After completing team training, Belangel practices shooting with Andrew Nicholson, who replaced Isaiah Hicks.

“I think Belangel had the shooting ability,” Nicholson said. “He can become a better player if he works with me on screen plays, etc.”

It is unfortunate that Belangel missed three free throws in the game-winning game, but he is revitalizing the team with his changed play that saves his teammates.

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