Yoo Yu-sang, who scored on his debut, “I’m learning basketball again”

Yu Ki-sang is learning new basketball and waiting for a chance to play.

Yoo Yu-sang wore the Changwon LG uniform as the 3rd choice in the 2023 KBL rookie player draft held last September. Yugi-sang, who was considered the best shooter on the college stage, is not getting many opportunities to play on the professional stage.

Yoo Yoo-sang, who is consistently included in the list of players, missed the home opening game against Suwon KT. He played 4 minutes and 25 seconds in the second game against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis, but missed both free throws and grabbed only one rebound.

He received one more opportunity to play in the game against Wonju DB on the 26th. However, the game was in favor of DB. Yoo Yu-sang received a foul during the 3-point shot and succeeded in all three free throws, and he succeeded in one chasing 3-point shot, adding tension to the game.

Yoo Yu-sang tried his hand at making a 3-point shot during his professional career. However, it seems like he still needs to put in more effort to receive a proper opportunity to play.

LG coach Cho Sang-hyun said ahead of the game against DB, “I can’t be calm, we still have a long way to go. When the D-League starts, he will definitely be sent down to the D-League. We continue to train in the D-League. I left the teaching, including side steps, to Coach Kim Dong-woo from the beginning. He said, “I am doing main training (with players who play in the regular league), I go down (to the D-League) and train, and I even do night training myself.” He is a player with good skills, but he doesn’t have the steps or defense I want. Yu Ki-sang said, “I want to grow by playing little by little in the regular league, but I want to grow through training such as in the D-League.”

LG faced Daegu Korea Gas Corporation at the Daegu Gymnasium on the 28th.

Yoo Yoo-sang, who met before the game that day, was told by coach Jo Sang-hyun that he needed to learn more, and he responded, “That’s true. Now I am a learning player. “I have the confidence I had in college, but since I am learning basketball again, I have a learning attitude, and if it is a reprimand, it is a reprimand, but I am grateful,” he said. .카지노사이트

Although he was a player with decent defensive skills in college, he was evaluated as having to relearn defense. This is because, since the KBL Cup competition, he has been missing match-up players and giving up easy goals.

His Yugi-sang said, “Each team wants different things. “That is adaptation,” he said. “However, he was confident that he could do well, so he was not worried, saying, “As long as he adapts well, he can blend in well.”

When he was told that he scored his debut goal in the game against DB, Yoo Yu-sang said, “Because we lost the game, I wanted to somehow catch up rather than his debut score,” and added, “I received congratulations after the end. “He wasn’t in a good mood because the team wasn’t performing well,” he said.

LG is a team with a strong player base. Yu Yu-sang is consistently included in the list of players. This alone clearly gives him an opportunity for growth.

Yoo Yoo-sang said, “Whether it’s an away game or a home game, I follow along and learn a lot from the bench, whether it’s little playing time or not being able to play. “Rather than thinking in a hurry, the coach looks far ahead and wants me to watch and learn, so I adjust accordingly,” he said. “Of course, if I’m a player, I want to play, but if I’m given the opportunity, I will boldly try to show my strengths.”

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