Lee Dae-sung VS Jang Min-guk’s first clash of the season’ ‘Korean derby’ was concluded in Japanese professional basketball 

The first match of the season was held between Korean players who advanced to Japanese professional basketball.

Jang Min-guk’s team, Nagasaki Belka, will hold the ‘2023-24 Season Japanese Professional Basketball B League Regular League’ against Lee Dae-sung’s team, Seahorse Mikawa, at Nagasaki General Gymnasium in Japan at 6 pm (Korean time) on the 28th.

Nagasaki is a powerhouse ranked 3rd in the Western Division with a strong record of 6 wins and 1 loss. Mikawa, who has won three games in a row, is in third place in the Central District with 4 wins and 3 losses. Two teams on the rise clash.

Last season, there was only one Korean player, Yang Jae-min, playing in the first division of the Japanese professional basketball league. With the addition of Jang Min-guk and Lee Dae-seong this season, there is an opportunity for Korean players to face each other. Accordingly, the B League secretariat also actively promoted live broadcasting for Korean fans.

Jang Min-guk and Lee Dae-seong, who advanced from the KBL to the B League, became the protagonists of the season’s first ‘Korean Derby’. On the 25th, the B League Secretariat officially announced, “We have decided to broadcast the Nagasaki vs. Mikawa game live through the YouTube B League International channel.”

Broadcast link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPmSIczl73E)

Many Korean and Filipino players are playing in the B League through the Asian quota system. The B League originally operates Internet broadcasting for a fee, but special games are broadcast for free to attract overseas fans. This is the first time that ‘Korean Derby’ is broadcast live in Korea.

Lee Dae-seong, who heard the news of the Korean broadcast, said, “It’s good. I think Korean fans will see me for the first time this season. “I think it will give me a lot of strength if you show a lot of support while watching the game,” he said.토스카지노

Asian quarter players Jang Min-guk and Lee Dae-seong will defend each other and engage in a fierce battle. The professional world is a world of cold-hearted competition. There are absolutely no concessions due to the circumstances of the team. Someone must taste defeat.

Lee Dae-seong, who plays as a small forward on his team, said, “Do I have the ability to worry about the matchup with Jang Min-guk? I have a big role and responsibility in the team. He took care of his teammates, saying, “Rather than matchups, it would be best if all three Korean players played the season healthy.”

Jang Min-guk also said the same thing. He said, “It is not a situation where all three Korean players can continue to relax on the team. I hope everyone adapts well and there are no injuries. “I contact Daesung sometimes,” he said, looking forward to a confrontation with Lee Daesung.

In addition, Jang Min-guk vs. Yang Jae-min will be held on November 11th and 12th. On December 9th and 10th, Lee Dae-sung and Yang Jae-min will face off. The Sendai club plans to designate this day as ‘Korea Day’, release package products, and hold various events related to Korea.

Jaemin Yang said, “When I was in my first and second years, I was the only Korean, and the Asian quarter was all Filipino players. He was disappointing as a Korean player. Now that (Lee) Daeseong and (Jang) Minguk are here, I feel reassured. Since my brothers are veteran players, I think they quickly caught on to what the team wanted and settled down well. “He is receiving quite a bit of playing time,” he said. 

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