Although it is early in the play, Coach Ogino’s confidence in the system to ‘reduce mistakes’ in volleyball and overcome weak serves is clearly evident.

I wonder if it’s okay to include a sub like this… ”

OK Financial Group, led by coach Ogino Massage, is the team attracting the most attention in the V-League this season. He is the first coach from Japan to appear in the V-League men’s division, and with Japanese volleyball recently showing excellent results in international competitions, domestic officials are paying attention to what kind of volleyball coach Ogino will use.

Although only two games have been played, Coach Ogino’s volleyball philosophy is clearly revealed. Coach Ogino, who met with reporters ahead of the game against KB Insurance held at Uijeongbu Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do on the 22nd, said, “I told the players that the goal is to reduce serving errors to less than 10 times and attack errors to less than eight times. In the Japanese league, even when playing a full set, offense mistakes are usually less than 5 times. “We will aim for that,” he said, emphasizing that the team’s biggest goal is to minimize mistakes.

Coach Ogino’s orders were revealed throughout the game. OK Financial Group recorded 17 errors during the 5 sets. The number was only 3.4 times per set. It was significantly less than the 30 KB Insurance. The goal set by Coach Ogino was also achieved with 5 offense errors and 9 serve errors.

In the first game of the season, the Korea Electric Power Corporation, OK Financial Group recorded 11 errors. It was exactly 50% less than the 22nd opponent. There were only 28 errors in two games. It has the fewest errors in the men’s division.

In order to reduce errors, OK Financial Group uses serves stably. Instead of a strong serve aimed at scoring points, the main focus is a weak serve where the priority is to get it into the opponent’s court. Director Ogino himself is weak enough to say, “I wonder if it’s okay to add a sub like this.” In fact, OK Financial Group recorded only 6 serve aces in both games combined. Only one came out in the KB Insurance exhibition.

A strong serve is considered a kind of ‘essential item’. A serve that is simply handed over will face a strong counterattack from the opponent, so being prepared to make a mistake and aiming for a serve ace is considered a basic strategy in modern volleyball. Director Ogino’s thoughts are different. He said, “We are connecting without making all-or-nothing attacks. He is now reducing his offensive errors a lot. It’s a waste to miss the sub. He is well prepared for his blocking system. He misses his serve and cannot use his blocking system. If you make consecutive serve mistakes, the mood will calm down. “It can be a chance ball, so I think it’s better to hand the ball to the opponent and start,” he said, expressing confidence that a weak serve can be overcome through defense.카지노사이트

In the KB Non-life Insurance match, OK Financial Group lost 12 to 17 in blocking. However, the number of effective blocks was 15 to 11. The attack success rate was 48%, which was less than KB Insurance’s 53%, but they made up for it through persistent defense. In the KEPCO match, they were ahead in blocking by 15 to 9 and in effective blocking by 22 to 17. It must be said that they have become a team that creates opportunities through blocking.

Setter Kwak Myeong-woo said, “The blocking system is definitely working well. As the number of mistakes decreased, persistence developed. As a result, there is a physical burden. But the coach has already said that he does not compromise with players. He is managing his physical strength well through a trainer. Protein intake is also important. I feel the change in my body. “The players are following along without complaint,” he said, adding that the team is changing in a positive direction under Coach Ogino.

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