LAL, hit by injuries, will be selected as a transfer forward in the opening game.

Turin Prince is scheduled to be used in the opening game.

LA Lakers coach Davin Ham talked about the starting lineup for the regular season opener against the Denver Nuggets on the 23rd (Korean time) on the 25th.

The Lakers were evaluated as having solidly built up their power through substantial reinforcements in this summer’s transfer market. Although contracts with internal resources were successfully concluded, there was talk that valuable resources were taken away in a situation where the salary cap was insufficient.

Forward Turin Prince is also a new face for the Lakers. Prince signed a relatively cheap one-year contract with the Lakers for $4.5 million.

While D’Angelo Russell, Austin Reeves, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis are confirmed as starters, Rui Hachimura, Jared Vanderbilt, and Prince are being considered for the remaining spots. 

Although he is somewhat inferior to the previous two, Prince is a 3&D resource that can work well with other players. He has accurate shooting power, recording a career average of 37.2% 3-point success rate, and is also a player with explosive power, having scored 35 points in one game last season.온라인카지노

As competition continues for the starting position, a variable has arisen. This is because Jared Vanderbilt, who was a strong candidate for the starting lineup, had difficulty participating in the opening game due to injury. Accordingly, coach Davin Ham is placing more emphasis on Prince’s starting appearance.

Coach Ham said, “Terlin Prence is scheduled to start as a starter in the opening game. There are variables depending on the situation due to Jared Vanderbilt’s injury.”

It appears that the decision was made after considering several factors. The choice to use Prince as a starter is closer to strengthening the balance between the starting and bench lineups by moving Hachimura, who has excellent scoring ability, to the bench. 

If Prince shows an impressive performance as a starter in this situation, it could serve as a stepping stone for him to further strengthen his position on the team. There is no law against receiving an opportunity as a permanent starting lineup resource, not simply as a temporary starter. 

In the professional world, an injury is sad news for some, but an opportunity for others. Since he signed a one-year contract, if he performs well this season, Prince’s value is expected to increase significantly in next year’s transfer market. Can Prince seize the opportunity that has come his way since the start of the season?

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