‘14 goals in 8 games’ is at its peak, but hamstring injury… Jung Woo-young’s colleague emergency

Seru Girashi suffered a hamstring injury.

Stuttgart said through the club channel on the 22nd (Korean time), “Girassi suffered a minor muscle injury to his left hamstring during the Bundesliga match against Union Berlin. This injury will keep him out for several weeks.” The news of the city’s injury was officially announced.온라인카지노

Stuttgart coach Sebastian Hoeness said: “Girassi’s injury is bitter for him, for the team and personally. We have all seen the great form he has shown recently and we will have to fill his void as best as we can. “He said.

As coach Hoeness said, Girashi has been showing peak form recently. Girashi has played in 8 games in the German Bundesliga, scoring 14 goals and 1 assist, and is ranked first in scoring in the Bundesliga. There are many players showing outstanding performances, such as Harry Kane (9 goals) and Victor Boni Pace (7 goals), but Girashi’s scoring sense was literally at its peak as he scored close to two goals per game.

Stuttgart was also on the rise at the beginning of the season thanks to Girashi’s performance. Stuttgart earned 21 points with 7 wins and 1 loss in 8 games, closely following Bayer Leverkusen (22 points). Although the point gap is small, Stuttgart is ranked higher than Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, and RB Leipzig.

In this situation, Stuttgart’s main gun, Girash, was injured. Stuttgart has scored 25 goals so far, more than half of which have come from Girassi. If the injured Girash is missing, it will likely be fatal to Stuttgart’s offensive ability. As coach Hoeness said, this is why Stuttgart must focus on filling Girassi’s void.

This injury is not good for Kirashi himself. The 27-year-old has spent his career playing for LOSC Lille, FC Cologne and Stade Rennes, but he has not had any notable performances before. Girassi, who showed signs of bursting forth while on loan at Stuttgart last season, finally exploded with his skills at Stuttgart this season. It is not good for Girashi to lose his momentum due to injury in a situation where he needs to keep the momentum going.

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