Unfortunate 1-2 loss’ Daegu coach Choi Won-kwon, “I’m desperate for a win against Ulsan because we lost today

I desperately want to go away and win.”

Daegu FC played against Jeonbuk Hyundai in the 34th round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 at DGB Daegu Bank Park at 4:30 pm on the 21st and lost 1-2.

Daegu, who conceded the first goal to Han Kyo-won in the 30th minute of the first half, immediately balanced the match with Edgar’s equalizer, but lost in the second half when Gustavo gave up a penalty kick.

Coach Choi Won-kwon, who held a press conference after the game, said, “It feels very bad to lose. But it is positive that they did not give up until the end and showed enough performance to win. It is disappointing. I wanted to present victory to the home fans, but Jeonbuk prepared well. “I felt it. It’s disappointing. Soccer is a result. It’s okay. The opponent was always stronger than us. I think we showed a good performance at home against Jeonbuk. I will prepare for the next game,” he said, evaluating the game.

Park Se-jin started as a starter, but did not perform satisfactorily. In response, Coach Choi said, “The performance was not good. I expected that we could do much better. Jeonbuk’s level is high. I think it was growing pains. I worried about it with (Lee) Jinyong. Jinyong is going to the military next year. Still, he did well. “I think,” he said.굿모닝토토

Hwang Jae-won, who returned with a gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games, was brought in as a replacement. In response, Coach Choi said, “After the first half, (Hong) Cheol signaled at the last minute that he couldn’t do it because of his ankle. (Jang) Seong-won was good, so I put Jaewon on the left. While (Hwang) Jaewon was away, the performance wasn’t bad. “If we had been winning the game, we would have sent him out at the last minute. Jaewon did well. He always plays like Hwang Jaewon. I think Jaewon will be a starter from the next game, too,” he said, adding that he would use Hwang Jaewon as a starter in the next game.

It seemed difficult for Daegu players to control their emotions in the second half of this game. It was painful to give up a penalty kick in this situation. In response, Coach Choi said, “That’s possible. Baselus and Beltula have protested a lot. We tell them 10 times not to protest. Even if we keep telling them not to get excited and not to receive warnings, it’s the players who are on the field. They have to adapt to the K-League. “I think it’s a stage of adapting to our team. It’s very unfortunate, but it’s in the past,” he said.

Coach Choi continued, “I used a lot of forward pressure today as well. If I had Sejingya, I would have used him in turns with Edgar, but Sejingha cannot return. It is an away trip to Ulsan. It is not good. We have not won once this year. We lost today, so I will prepare desperately. “I really want to go away and win. I have to watch the videos and watch the players train and pay close attention to the details,” he said, adding that he would focus on preparing for the next game.

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