The reason why Onyang Girls’ High School’s 4-winners took on the entrance exam instead of becoming a professional.

Why did you choose college instead of becoming a pro?”

On the 19th, Chungnam Onyang Girls’ High School defeated Busan Dongju Girls’ High School with a score of 89-86 to win the gold medal in the girls’ under-19 basketball finals at the ‘104th National Sports Festival’ held at the Mokpo High School gymnasium in Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do. With this win, Onyang Girls’ High School finished 2023 with four wins.

This year’s women’s high school trophy was divided between Onyang Girls’ High School and Bundang Business High School. Bundang Management High School took home three gold medals by winning the Spring Championship in March, the Association Janggi Championship in April, and the King of Kings Tournament in August, while Onyang Girls’ High School earned three gold medals by winning the Federation President’s Janggi Championship in May, the Type Competition in August, and the Fall Competition in September.

And the two schools challenged for four gold medals with the goal of winning the National Sports Festival. However, Bundang Management High School lost to Supia Girls’ High School in the quarterfinals, and Onyang Girls’ High School defeated Supia Girls’ High School in the semifinals and advanced to the finals.

In this way, 2023 ended as the year of Onyang Girls’ High School.

Captain Ryu Ga-hyung, who led Onyang Girls’ High School for a year, said, “I have never won so many championships. When I started my first competition as a junior, I was determined to only get into the semifinals, and I am happy that I achieved a result that went beyond that.”

Yang In-ye, who won MVP twice in May and September, said, “I am grateful to Coach Kim Han-kyo and Coach Cho Hyun-jung for the past three years. I am lacking a lot, but I think I have come this far thanks to my seniors, classmates, and juniors who always worked out with me. “I feel like I had the best three years because I won a gold medal in the last competition of my third year.”

Choi Yu-ji maintained the balance of offense and defense for her team in each competition and served as her vital force. Choi Yu-ji said, “I transferred here from high school. It was nice to be with good seniors and juniors and colleagues. In my freshman and sophomore years, I unfortunately placed third, but this year, the manager and coach said a lot of good things, and in my third year, we were juniors.” “I was able to lead the team well and win a lot of championships. It was really nice to achieve what I set out to achieve,” he said.

Yebin Choi was in charge of the team’s outskirts. Choi Ye-bin, who hit 7 3-pointers in the finals of the last fall competition, also contributed to the victory by scoring 4 3-pointers in the finals of the National Sports Festival. Choi Ye-bin said, “I learned a lot over the past three years. I got a lot of good results while playing basketball with my older sister, younger brother, and friends. I’m really happy that we worked together and won a gold medal in our last third year. I was really happy for my three years of high school.”

However, the four third-year students who led Onyang Girls’ High School to four gold medals did not participate in the WKBL new player selection event last September and prepared for college entrance exams. In contrast, Bundang Business High School produced a contradictory situation in which three third-year players (3rd place Heo Yu-jeong, 5th place Park Da-won, and 6th place Byeon Ha-jeong) were all drafted as pros in the first round.

First, Choi Yu-ji said, “I wanted to have a variety of social experiences and obtain certifications. I wanted to exercise hard for four years in college and make up for my shortcomings to challenge myself as a professional.” “It will be touching to meet again in a different uniform on the college stage, but I have to compete.” “We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else, so I think it will be a more interesting game if we improve and show new sides on the court.”토스카지노

Choi Ye-bin continued, “I wanted to challenge myself in many ways. I thought there would be more options playing sports in college than in the pros. It would be a really strange feeling to meet the friends I have been with for the past three years and now wear different uniforms. “Now, I hope we can each do our best in our respective positions and become closer than we are now.”

Yang In-ye also said, “After entering university, I thought it would be better to build up a lot of experience and memories, exercise, and challenge myself as a professional. Now, it will be nice to see my friends on the court wearing a different uniform, but I will do my best in the game. Even though I don’t have to wear a different uniform, I will do my best.” “But I want to say that the four of us are still together.”

Ryu Ga-hyung said, “I thought college life was a new challenge. Of course, it is more difficult to challenge as a professional, but I wanted to challenge as a professional after going to college. It will be awkward and unfamiliar if we meet each other in different uniforms, but now we will do our best in each position and become a better version of ourselves.” “I hope we meet again,” he said.

Usually, women’s basketball players try to play professionally after graduating from high school, so their challenge of college entrance exams is bound to seem new. In particular, their actions seemed even more special because they were players who dominated the girls’ high school stage. Although the professional challenge has been pushed to the next stage, their challenge will continue in the future.

Ryu Ga-hyung said, “I will work hard even after I go to college and do my best to become a professional player.” Choi Yu-ji said, “Even when I go to college, I will fit into the team well without getting injured. I want to prepare well for four years and do my best to succeed as a professional player.” “He said.

Choi Ye-bin said, “I will spend another four years as a basketball player on a new stage. I will show a better side of myself than I showed in high school.” Yang In-ye said, “My goal is to become a professional player. I will not give up and work hard until I become a professional player.” “I will do it,” he said, expressing his determination to become a basketball player.

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