Will Kim Ha-seong, a repeat student, win the golden gloves this year?

San Diego Padres’ ‘all-round defensive player’ Kim Ha-seong (28) will once again challenge for the ‘Gold Glove’, which determines the best defender in MLB (US Professional Baseball). On the 19th, MLB Secretariat and Gold Glove organizer Rawlings revealed candidates for each defensive position for the National League (NL) and American League (AL).

In the NL second base field, Ha-seong Kim is Nico Horner (26, Chicago Cubs) and Bryson Stott (26, Philadelphia Phillies), and in the utility field, Mookie Betts (31, LA Dodgers) and Korean Tommy Edman (28, St. Louis). Cardinals) was among the three finalists. In MLB, the Gold Glove goes to the player with the best defense, and the Silver Slugger goes to the player with the best offense. The KBO (Korea Baseball Organization) league comprehensively evaluates offense and defense and awards ‘Golden Gloves’ for each position.먹튀검증

‘Awesome Kim’ plays second baseman, shortstop, and third baseman
Until last year, Ha-seong Kim mainly played as a shortstop. Last year, he was nominated for the Gold Glove shortstop category, but was defeated by Dan B. Swanson (29, Chicago Cubs), who played for the Atlanta Braves at the time. Then, ahead of this season, when the Padres recruited ‘All-Star’ shortstop Sander Boharz (31), he changed his position to second base, and when necessary, he also played third base and the existing shortstop. He boasted impeccable defense even when changing positions.

This season, Ha-seong Kim played in 106 games (98 starts, 856 and two-thirds innings) as a second baseman. He played 32 games for Ron at third base (29 starts, 253 1/3 innings) and 20 games for Ron at shortstop (16 starts, 153 1/3 innings). His fielding percentage was best as a second baseman (0.991), and he was never behind as a third baseman (0.986) and shortstop (0.966). Due to his hustle play and stable defense, he is nicknamed ‘Awesome Kim.’

What are the realistic chances of winning?
Players competing with Ha-seong Kim in the second base category are Horner and Stott. In the case of Horner, he was identified as a contender early on, playing consistently as a second baseman and shortstop from the beginning of the season. Stott is a new player who entered the MLB stage last year and played only as a second baseman this year. Whichever of the three players wins will enjoy the first Gold Glove honor of their career.

Ha-Seong Kim is by no means inferior to Horner and Stott in objective numbers. This is a situation where we can have expectations. First, in second baseman fielding percentage, Kim Ha-seong (0.991) is similar to Horner (0.988) and Stott (0.992). According to the MLB statistics analysis site ‘Fielding Bible’, Ha-seong Kim is the leader in DRS (Defensive Runs Saved, a numerical indicator of how many runs are prevented by defense). Ha-seong Kim recorded a DRS of +16 this year, ahead of Horner (+14) and Stott (+6). In Out Above Average (OAA), Stott and Horner recorded +16 and +15, respectively, and Ha-seong Kim received +7. Although the number of innings played is taken into account, the number of errors made by Ha-Seong Kim (4 innings) was lower than that of Horner (7 innings) and Stott (5 innings).

On the other hand, in the utility sector, it is predicted that Kim Ha-seong’s chances of winning are not very high. This is because Betts and Edman are evaluated as showing the essence of true utility players by playing not only in the infield but also in the outfield. Betts mainly played right field, but this year he also played second base and shortstop. Even during the game, he frequently changed positions and showed off his multi-talented abilities. Edman, who previously played mainly the infield as shortstop and second baseman, also played center field this season, showing off his impeccable defense.

As for the Gold Glove winner, the managers of the 30 major league clubs and up to six coaches per team vote for the candidate, excluding players from their own team. It reflects 75% of the votes and 25% of the defensive statistics developed by the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR). In the case of utility, Rawlings and SABR’s specialized defensive formula is applied.

Ha-seong Kim returned to Korea on the 12th and said about the Gold Glove, “It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t greedy. “I don’t know what the results will be, but I’m looking forward to it,” he said, not hiding his intention to win. If he receives the Gold Glove, he will become the first Korean player in history. The final Gold Glove winner will be announced on the morning of the 6th of next month, Korean time.

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