It’s not a trade request… ” Ryu Hyun-jin’s anger? It was 3 wins and an ERA of 5.87. ‘Dismissing rumors of discord

General Manager Atkins admitted that he was angry that Manoa decided to send him to the minor league for a second time.”

The Toronto Blue Jays’ X-Man for the 2023 season is undoubtedly Alec Manoa (25). In the 2022 season, his second year in the big leagues, he finished 3rd in American League Cy Young voting with 16 wins, 7 losses, and an average ERA of 2.24 in 31 games. But he’s had an unbelievable fallout this season. 3 wins, 9 losses, 5.87 ERA in 19 games.

It wasn’t usually sluggish. In just one year, people changed 180 degrees. The good pitching balance and rhythm of the 2022 season have been completely lost. He didn’t consistently throw strikes and was hit hard. Toronto finally made a decision in June. He was sent to the Florida Complex League.

The idea was to prepare again for the season. It was good to reunite with Ryu Hyun-jin, who was in the final stages of rehabilitation, but it must have been a nightmare for Manoa. We prepared again for about a month, but were unable to regain the team’s trust. After his return, he went 2-2 with an ERA of 4.91 in 7 games before being demoted to Triple-A in August. Naturally, he gave up his position to Ryu Hyun-jin, who returned after a year and two months after completing Tommy John surgery and rehabilitation.

Manoa did not actually pitch in Triple-A. He even announced that he was out of the season before the season ended. I tried to control my body and mind with rest and rebuild my body, but in any case, it was a season of miserable failure and the biggest fall of all time.안전놀이터

However, after the season ended, a new fact became known. It is said that Manoa was angry and protested against the club’s decision when it was relegated to Triple A in August. Canada Sportsnet reported on the 8th (hereinafter Korean time), “General manager Ross Atkins admitted that he was angry that Manoa decided to send him to the minor league for the second time.”

“Anytime a successful pitcher is chosen, it’s a very difficult decision and he disagrees with the decision,” Atkins said. It created some frustration. “He felt as if he should have stayed with the team.”

However, Director Atkins drew a line at the rumor of discord with Manoa. “He didn’t ask for a trade. “We are focused on finding a solution with him and getting him back in a position to be successful.”

As part of this, Toronto recently re-checked Manoa’s overall physical condition. On this day, he received an injection to relieve discomfort in his shoulder. Sportsnet said, “No structural damage was found.” Director Atkins said, “Manoa decided to get the injection after consulting with the doctor. The medical staff did not suggest that. He decided for himself. “There was one doctor who I thought could help him with structural symptoms that he wasn’t particularly feeling.”

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