Who is the icon of Hoksa… “No. 1 Fernandez” played 6,666 minutes in one year

 Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes (29) recorded the most playing time.

British media ‘Mirror’ reported on the 5th (Korean time), “Fernandez played 6,666 minutes as Manchester United captain last year.”

According to the International Football Association Board (FIFPRO), Fernandez has played more minutes than any other player in the world over the past year.

From September 15, 2022, to September 15, 2023, Fernandez played 6,666 minutes. He was a starter for the Portugal national team and for Manchester United, where he played almost all of the matches in the Premier League and the UEFA Europa League. It can be seen that one game was played approximately every five days. He played 72 games.

According to research, Fernandes has played 29,486 minutes since the 2018 World Cup. During this period, he also played for Sporting Lisbon.

The Mirror said, “Fernandez played in all but one game in the league because of suspension,” and added, “He played 90 minutes in 35 of the 37 games he appeared as a starter.”메이저사이트

He also said, “I missed the 3-0 loss to Sevilla in the Europa League due to suspension. Apart from that game, I have played in every Europa League match.”

Fernandes, who joined Manchester United in 2020, immediately became a key player in the team through his creative passing, shooting, and playmaking. As his winning percentage increased in the games he played, he became an indispensable player for Manchester United.

This season, he was even given the captain’s armband instead of Harry Maguire. As his influence within the team grew, the proportion of his appearances increased further.

As his performance improved, his position in the national team also increased. He showed great activity by participating in not only friendly matches but also major competitions.

Although he may be tired, Fernandez also expressed his desire to play more. Earlier this year, he said in an interview, “I wouldn’t be happy if I didn’t start,” and emphasized, “Not only me, but everyone else wants to play the full 90 minutes of every game.”

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