Lee Kang-in’s left foot was the starting point for the final goal… Why it is needed even though it is not 100%

Although he has not fully integrated into the team yet, Lee Kang-in’s accurate kicking power is a weapon that Hwang Seon-hong-ho cannot give up. 

At 9 p.m. on the 4th, Korea won 2-1 over Uzbekistan in the men’s soccer semifinals of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games at the Huanglong Sports Center Stadium in Hangzhou, China. As a result, Korea will face Japan in the final for the gold medal. 

On this day, Lee Kang-in also appeared as a starter. Coach Hwang Seon-hong showed that he cared as much as possible for Lee Kang-in by excluding him from the selection in the last game against China. However, against Uzbekistan, the final road to the finals, they fielded a winning team consisting of Lee Kang-in, Jung Woo-young, and Eom Won-sang. 메이저사이트

Lee Kang-in’s physical condition and chemistry with his colleagues were not 100%. Lee Kang-in joined the national team that started the competition after just recovering from an injury. He had not been able to keep pace with his teammates even before the competition, and his tactics were not centered around Lee Kang-in. Lee Kang-in is in a situation where he needs to improve his performance and body during the competition. 

Nevertheless, Lee Kang-in also had a share in the scoring scene. At the time of Jung Woo-young’s first goal, it started with Lee Kang-in’s pass, and the ball was connected to Hong Hyun-seok, Eom Won-sang, and Jung Woo-young. Lee Kang-in was also the starting point for Jung Woo-young’s additional goal, which came in a 1-1 tie situation. Lee Kang-in’s accurate kick passed over Baek Seung-ho’s head and fell into the penalty box, and Jung Woo-young pushed it in while the defenders were delaying the action. 

Lee Kang-in has never played full-time in this competition. On this day, the game ended with him being replaced by Jeong Ho-yeon around the 15th minute of the second half. Although he was a starter in 3 of the 4 previous games, his playing time was not long. Including today’s game, Lee Kang-in played a total of 184 minutes in this tournament. This is evidence that director Hwang Seon-hong is using Lee Kang-in, who was selected with great difficulty, as carefully as possible. 

Now he has only one game left. Attention is being paid to whether Lee Kang-in, who is slowly improving his body, will show a proper performance against Japan in the finals. 

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