North Korea’s indecent behavior goes beyond “pushing and raising fists to threaten”…Japan almost gets hit, says “I won’t tolerate it

 Japan sent a document to the international referee pointing out the unmannered behavior shown by North Korean players toward their national team in the men’s soccer quarterfinals of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.메이저사이트

According to a report by Japanese sports media Nikkan Sports, on the 3rd, the Japan Football Association sent a letter to FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) pointing out North Korea’s actions that caused friction with its players and medical staff at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. Submitted.

The media said, “The Japan Football Association sent related videos to the two organizations on the 3rd, saying that the behavior shown by North Korean players in the men’s soccer quarterfinals held at the Xiaoshan Sports Center Stadium in Zhejiang Province, China on the 1st was ‘anti-sports.’ “It has not been revealed what kind of scene it is,” the report said.

Previously, Japan and North Korea faced each other in the men’s soccer quarterfinals of the Hangzhou Asian Games on the 1st. Japan defeated North Korea 2-1 and advanced to the semifinals. On this day, the North Korean men’s soccer team, which was eliminated after losing to Japan, behaved in an indecent manner, such as pushing the referee and threatening the opposing staff.

North Korea protested harshly against the penalty kick (PK) decision that resulted in Japan’s winning goal in the game. North Korean players showed violent behavior after the game, such as shoving the referee’s neck.

The North Korean players continued to show great excitement by attempting rough tackles during the remaining minutes, and after the final whistle sounded, they took actions that went too far, such as running towards the referee as a group and pushing him.

The situation calmed down only after the tournament staff came in and separated the North Korean players.

A controversial scene occurred during the game. North Korea’s Kim Yu-sung asked for water from a Japanese staff member who entered the ground to treat an injured player, and in the process raised his fist and threatened to receive a warning.

However, North Korean coach Shin Yong-nam, who is responsible for restraining the players’ behavior, claimed after the game that the players’ excitement was the referee’s fault, saying, “Although some players were excited, the referee first insulted soccer by making an unfair decision.”

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