Will Turnhag and Manchester United, in urgent need of an ‘escape from slump’, bring out the Anthony card?… Admitted “considering participation”

Will coach Eric Tun Haag and Manchester United play Anthony to improve the team’s strength? 

Manchester United is preparing to play against Galatasaray in the second leg of the group stage of the 2023/24 UEFA Champions League, which will be held at Old Trafford in Manchester, England, at 4 a.m. on the 4th (Korean time). 

Manchester United, who lost 3-4 in the first leg of the Champions League group stage against Bayern Munich and fell to the bottom of Group A, still has room to advance to the round of 16, but a win in the second leg at home against Galatasaray is essential. am.

In particular, Manchester United is in dire need of a rebound amidst its recent slump. This season, Manchester United is performing very poorly in the league with 3 wins and 4 losses. Last season, they showed a strong performance at home, recording 15 wins, 3 draws, and 1 loss in the league, but this season they have already surpassed last season’s loss with 2 wins and 2 losses at home. 

Director Turn Haag is not without excuses. This is because there are a lot of players who have left the team. Many defensive players, including Luke Shaw, Tyrell Malicia, Sergio Reguilon, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, and Lisandro Martinez, are unable to play due to injuries, and Jadon Sancho and Anthony have left the offensive line so far. 

However, even considering the injured players, the performance was very poor. While suffering two consecutive losses at home, they were unable to attack effectively against Brighton and Crystal Palace, and even scored just one goal in an away game to Burnley, who are competing for relegation, and had a difficult victory. Although they succeeded in advancing to the fourth round by beating Palace in the League Cup match, it was not a performance that satisfied fans. 

In England, about Manchester United’s performance, “There are many teams better than Manchester United, but it means a lot that Liverpool with 9 players is better than Manchester United with 11 players. Manchester United has no identity and no players who want to play soccer. How can they?” His performance has dropped so much that criticism has emerged, saying, “I don’t think I know what I should do.” In the end, Manchester United must bounce back by beating Galatasaray at home to advance to the Champions League knockout stage. 

Meanwhile, a new variable that has appeared in Manchester United is Anton. This is because Anthony, who left due to domestic violence charges, recently returned to team training and has the possibility of playing. 

Anthony surprised fans last September with the news that he had been accused of domestic violence. Global sports media ESPN reported on September 4th that “Anthony’s ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavalin reported Anthony to the police on charges of domestic violence, bodily harm and threats.”

According to reports, Anthony was accused of domestic violence by Gabriela Cavalin, a famous DJ in Brazil and an influencer with over 480,000 followers on social media. According to the complaint, Anthony assaulted and threatened Cavalin several times. Kabalin reportedly suffered a miscarriage and serious injuries. 

When the incident was reported at the time, Anthony immediately issued a statement clarifying his position, but the controversy did not ease easily. Anthony wrote on his social media, “I felt I had a duty to publicly inform my fans, friends and family about the false accusations that I have been made a victim of. I have dealt with this case from the beginning, providing a fair explanation to the police. As we are investigating, we will provide further details. “The contents cannot be disclosed yet,” he announced.

He continued, “These charges are false. I can confidently say that the evidence that will come out in the future will prove that I am innocent. I did not inflict any physical violence on Kabalin. I believe that the entire truth will be revealed through the police investigation.” He claimed that the claims were completely false and that no assault had occurred at all. Even when the controversy first broke out, Anthony claimed that he had been wronged.스포츠토토

However, as the investigation was ongoing, the Brazilian Football Association, which had decided on Anthony’s inclusion, withdrew Anthony’s selection from the Brazilian national team, and Manchester United also issued a statement saying that it would not allow Anthony to return to the club for the time being. 

When Manchester United’s statement came out, Anthony once again expressed his opinion on social media. “I have agreed with Manchester United to take a short break while I deal with the baseless allegations made against me. This is a mutual decision,” he said. “I would like to reiterate that I am innocent of the charges against me and I will cooperate fully with the police.” He once again claimed his innocence. 

Following his temporary expulsion from the club, Anthony took some time off in his native Brazil, but recently returned to England to help with the police investigation. According to Britain’s ‘The Sun’, Anthony voluntarily visited the Greater Manchester Police Station and was interrogated for about 5 hours, with the intention of submitting his cell phone as evidence.

Anthony’s active action to resolve the incident may have changed the club’s thinking, but Manchester United, which had issued a temporary expulsion order, canceled it about 19 days later and allowed Anthony to return to the club.

“Since the allegations were first made last June, Anthony has cooperated with police investigations in both Brazil and the UK and continues to do so,” United said. “We have decided to resume training at Manchester United’s training ground and make selection for matches possible,” he announced.

“This measure will continue to be subject to review as further developments in this case occur,” he said, hinting that another ejection order may be issued depending on the situation.

After Manchester United’s statement, a photo of Anthony returning to the training ground was released on the 2nd through a training photo on Manchester United’s official website. When Antony’s training photos were released, the possibility of him playing was also raised, and Coach Tun Haag began to consider whether to select Anthony, whom he had consistently used. 

The British media Daily Mail reported on the 2nd, “Turn Haag said he is considering allowing Anthony to play against Galatasaray after his return.” 

The Daily Mail reported, “Coach Tun Haag said ahead of the game against Galatasaray that Anthony was ready to return to the Manchester United squad. He was unable to play for about a month after being charged, and Anthony, who denied all charges, returned to England and played for Manchester United. “I responded to the police investigation in Teng,” he said. 

He added: “Turn Haag said he would assess the player’s mental state before deciding whether to participate. He confirmed that Anthony is an option.”

According to reports, Coach Tun Haag said of Anthony’s participation at the pre-Galatasari press conference, “Anthony will be considered. Yesterday was the first day of returning to team training, and we made a decision after the last training. That is why we are considering Anthony’s participation.” He directly stated that he was thinking about it. 

While Manchester United, in desperate need of a rebound due to the worst performance at the beginning of the season, is actively considering the appearance of Anthony, who returned to the team after a month, it is possible that Anthony, despite the various controversies surrounding him, will be able to play against Galatasaray and help Manchester United bounce back. It is expected to receive great attention from fans.

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