Guard collection is complete, director Cho Dong-hyun’s realistic concerns

The guard team is solid. Coach Cho Dong-hyun explained, “I think the rotation will go well when the players who were called up to the national team return.” There was a different position that coach Cho Dong-hyun was struggling with.

Ulsan Hyundai Mobis is in full swing preparing for the 2023-2024 season through field training in Japan. Hyundai Mobis is improving its performance through tactical training and practice games against Japanese teams in the Japanese training camp that began on the 22nd.

On the 21st, a day before the training camp, I even received a ‘gift’. He had the good fortune of being selected second in the 2023 rookie draft with a 12% chance, and selected guard Park Moo-bin from Korea University, who was also considered the first-choice candidate. Hyundai Mobis has built a more competitive guard lineup by adding Lee Woo-seok, winner of the 2021-2022 season’s Rookie of the Year Award, Myung-jin Seo, who proved his potential last season, and Moo-bin Park, following second-year player Tae-wan Kim.

Park Moo-bin is a promising player who has proven himself not only as a problem solver during his college years, but also in terms of game management. Coach Dong-hyeon Cho said, “(Park) Moo-bin is a player who has strengths that existing guards do not have. Expectations were raised further by the passing ability he showed in practice games. He said, “We will have to work together with the players who were selected to the national team after they return, but various combinations such as Park Moo-bin and Seo Myung-jin and Park Moo-bin and Kim Tae-wan will be possible.”레고토토

There were separate positions that needed to be strengthened. Along with Oh Se-geun, Ham Ji-hoon, who is still building his career as the best big man in the league, is a big man who is holding on. Hyundai Mobis recruited Kim Jun-il through off-season free agent negotiations to join Ji-hoon Ham, Jae-seok Jang, and Hyun-min Kim. Choi Jin-soo is also a resource that can take charge of defense under the goal when using a small lineup.

Ham Ji-hoon averaged 7.2 points and 3.7 rebounds in 20 minutes and 41 seconds in 47 games last season due to a minor injury. These were all Ham Ji-hoon’s lowest records since his debut. This season, Ji-hoon Ham is the player who will be in charge of scoring in the game, but for Hyundai Mobis, maintaining performance while Ji-hoon Ham is away is expected to be the key. This was the reason why Hyundai Mobis actively sought to recruit Kim Jun-il.

Coach Dong-Hyeon Cho said, “(Jang) Jae-Seok underwent shoulder surgery in the off-season, so I think he will need time to recover his performance. “He recruited (Kim) Jun-il based on the judgment that there were not many big men worth recruiting in the future, but he is still thinking about how to utilize the big men.”

Coach Dong-Hyun Cho planned to experiment with a tall lineup using Kebe Aluma, Ji-Hoon Ham, and Jae-Seok Jang simultaneously in the practice game against Ibaraki Robots on the 29th, but decided that Jae-Seok Jang was not in very good condition, so he played the game with the standard lineup.

Hyundai Mobis, which has completed collecting guards, has sufficient big man power in terms of quantity. They are all big men with starting experience. Although the number of available players has increased, Hyundai Mobis is preparing for the season with the challenge of using big men efficiently.

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