Mourinho brings in the ‘Man United problem child’ who was kicked out of the training ground… “Coach Sancho, who committed the crime of defiance, could go to Rome with his weekly salary cut”

AS Roma manager Jose Mourinho (60) offered a helping hand to Jadon Sancho (23), who was going through a difficult time at Manchester United.메이저사이트

Britain’s ‘The Sun’ reported on the 27th (Korean time), “Coach Mourinho has stepped forward to save Sancho, who is living in hell at Manchester United. Coach Mourinho is showing active interest in Sancho.” According to the media, Coach Mourinho wants a winger with a wide range of activities who can work well with Paulo Dybala and Romelu Lukaku. Sancho was chosen as the right person.

‘The Sun’ said, “Coach Mourinho is no stranger to working with players from the English Premier League (EPL). Lukaku, Chris Smalling, Nemanja Matic, Tammy Abraham, Rui Patricio, Diego Llorente and Renato Sánchez. “I worked with many players who came to Serie A from the EPL,” he explained.

The British Mirror also reported the possibility of Sancho going to Roma, saying, “Manchester United could agree to a loan transfer in which Roma would cover all of Sancho’s salary. Of course, there is also the possibility of a complete transfer.” The problem is that Sancho’s current weekly salary of 250,000 pounds (about 4 won) must be drastically reduced. ‘Mirror’ predicted, “There has been no concrete talk about the transfer. However, if Sancho continues to play for a long time, the transfer process will soon proceed in detail.”

Currently, Sancho is excluded from playing in games and training with the first team due to ‘disobedience’ towards coach Ten Haag. The conflict between him and coach Ten Haag began after the match against Arsenal in the fourth round of the league on the 4th. Sancho, who had consistently appeared as a substitute in the 1st to 3rd rounds of the league, was completely excluded from the roster for today’s game. Since there was no problem with his physical condition, attention was focused on Sancho’s exclusion from the list. Manager Ten Haag said: “Sancho is not injured, but he did not perform well in training. Players need to prove that they are at Manchester United’s level in training. Only then will they play in the game. But Sancho was not able to do that, so he was left out.” He explained.

However, Sancho refuted this and the conflict intensified further. He was angry on his social networking service (SNS), saying, “Please don’t believe everything you read. I don’t allow people to believe things that aren’t true.” Regarding the training performance pointed out by coach Ten Haag, he countered by saying, “I did well in training this week,” and expressed his resentment by saying, “I have been a scapegoat for a long time. It’s unfair.”

“I just want to play football with a smile on my face and contribute to the team. I respect every decision the coaching staff makes. I am grateful to have the opportunity to play every week with great players. I will fight for the Manchester United emblem no matter what.” “He said.

Coach Ten Haag then took strict action against Sancho, excluding him from playing in games and training with the first team, claiming he had violated team rules. Not only was he excluded from the matches against Brighton, Bayern Munich, and Burnley, but he was also banned from entering the training ground. It is reported that Sancho is currently training alone at the club’s youth facility.

In order to resolve the conflict, voices continued to say that Sancho should apologize first. Britain’s ‘The Sun’ said, “The situation could easily be resolved if Sancho apologizes to coach Ten Haag. It seems clear that someone has to give in, but it won’t be coach Ten Haag.”

Before the game against Brighton on the 16th, coach Ten Haag was asked by reporters whether Sancho would be able to play again. “I’m just focusing on this,” he said, declining to give a specific answer. “Sancho cannot play, so the topic is not important at the moment,” he said. “We have to win the game and that is all. Only players who can play deserve to be with me. I will play.” “We only focus on players who can do it,” he said.

Manchester United players also tend to side with coach Ten Haag rather than Sancho, who ruined the team atmosphere. According to the British Mirror, three of Sancho’s England teammates, Harry Maguire, Marcus Rashford, and Luke Shaw, persuaded Sancho to apologize to the coach. They are said to have emphasized to Sancho that ‘there is no winner in a fight with a manager.’

Sancho’s ‘resistance’ is not supported even by his colleagues. Global media ESPN said, “It is difficult to find trust in Sancho among Manchester United players. They also value discipline. The players respect coach Ten Haag’s firm methods.” ‘Sky Sports’ also pointed out, “Some players agree with Sancho’s opinion, but no player thinks he should have posted something like that on his social media.”

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