Lee Kang-in joins’ Hwang Seon-hong’s round of 16 mission, break Kyrgyzstan’s dense defense

Now, ‘3 out of 7 shots’ have been fired. If you lose, you will be immediately eliminated, and the tournament war begins in earnest. Now is the real beginning.

The first mountain that the Korean Asian Games national soccer team must overcome as they aim to win their third consecutive championship is Kyrgyzstan, the ‘Central Asian ambush.’ The Hangzhou Asian Games men’s soccer round of 16 will be held at Jinhua Sports Center Stadium in Zhejiang, China, at 8:30 pm (Korean time) on the 27th.

Kyrgyzstan, ranked 96th in the FIFA rankings, is a relative weakling. The size is different from Korea, which ranks 26th. Korea passed Group E of the group stage with 16 points and no goals in three games, and Kyrgyzstan advanced to the round of 16 with a 4-1 comeback win over Chinese Taipei in the final match after two consecutive losses in Group F.

In the end, the key to advancing to the quarterfinals will be how well Hwang Seon-hong’s ‘Spear’, who scored an average of more than 5 goals per game in the group stage, will be able to overcome Kyrgyzstan’s dense defense. Kyrgyzstan is expected to play a two-line defense based on a back five. It is highly likely that they will target Korea with the ‘counterattack after the player’s defense’ strategy. There is also a need to prepare for surprise attacks.

Winger Jung Woo-young (Stuttgart), who scored the most goals in the group stage, Jo Young-wook (Gimcheon), who scored two goals, Eom Won-sang (Ulsan), and Ahn Jae-jun (Bucheon) will take the lead in breaking down the dense defense. If you need a high-altitude attack, you can use Park Jae-yong (Jeonbuk), a 1m93 tall striker. There are various cards to use. What is important is how much synergy is created through the combination.메이저사이트

Ace’ Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain), who was given a free roll, will occupy the second line and lead the attack. This is a great opportunity to see how Korea’s offense will change when Lee Kang-in joins. Lee Kang-in, who joined late on the 21st, started as a starter in the final group match against Bahrain on the 24th and showed creativity for 35 minutes. Lee Kang-in’s true colors were revealed in the scene where he stabbed a penetration pass to Jung Woo-young, who had dug into the space behind the defense. In dead ball situations, Lee Kang-in’s sharp left foot becomes a powerful weapon.

There is a high possibility that Lee Kang-in, Jung Woo-young, etc. will be subject to intensive checks from the opposing team. When the so-called ‘solvers’ get stuck, others have to solve the problem. The national team was able to play the game easily thanks to midfielder Hong Hyun-seok (Gent) and center back Lee Han-beom (Midtjylland) opening the scoring in the second game against Thailand and the game against Bahrain. It would be the icing on the cake if Park Jae-yong, who had been particularly unlucky with goals, such as his shot hitting the goal post, gets a taste of a goal. Jaeyong Park received ‘special tutoring’ from Coach Hwang, a ‘former goal scorer’, during this tournament.

From the round of 16 onwards, all teams go ‘all in’. The attitude of the opposing team’s players during the game is different compared to the group stage. There is a possibility that our Taegeuk Warriors will face variables they have never experienced in the group stage. What is important is how calm you maintain your composure at that time. This is something Coach Hwang emphasized throughout the competition. The opponent in the quarterfinals is the winner of the host country China-Qatar. The quarterfinals will be held at Hangzhou Huanglong Sports Center Stadium on October 1st. Korea must first capture Kyrgyzstan.

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