‘Captain SON effect’ changed the locker room… “We have become really, really close”

“We became really, really close in the locker room.”

‘Captain’ Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham Hotspur) conveyed the changed atmosphere of the team.

Tottenham scored two goals in extra time of the second half against Sheffield United in the 2023-2024 season Premier League 5th round home game held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on the 16th (Korean time) to pull off a 2-1 comeback.

As a result, Tottenham went undefeated for five consecutive games after the opening and took the lead. The ranking is 2nd with 13 points (4 wins, 1 draw) after Manchester City (15 points).

It was a miraculous victory. Tottenham took the lead throughout the game, but instead gave up the first goal. In the 28th minute of the second half, in a long throw-in situation, Sheffield’s Gustavo Hamer, who was behind the bounced ball, rushed in and shot. The ball hit the goal post and was sucked into the inside of the Tottenham goal.

A great reversal occurred in extra time. In the 8th minute of added time in the second half, Richarlison scored the equalizer with a header, and two minutes later, Dejan Kulusevski converted Richarlison’s pass into a golden comeback goal. In the end, the game ended with a comeback by Tottenham.

It was all the more meaningful because Richarlison was the key player in the turnaround. He has been in a deep slump since last season, and was recently seen shedding tears while sitting on the Brazilian national team bench. He even publicly announced that he would receive psychological counseling, saying that he had suffered mental difficulties due to his personal history.

Richarlison, who pledged to revive, immediately emerged as a hero. He came on as a substitute for Son Heung-min in the 35th minute of the second half, and turned the game around by scoring one goal and one assist in extra time. The victory of a team that had been losing until the 98th minute was the latest comeback in Premier League history.

Tottenham players were happier than Richarlison. In particular, when the goal was scored, captain Son Heung-min rushed off the bench and hugged Richarlison fiercely. After the game was over, he approached the fans and dragged Richarlison to the front. He pointed his finger at Richarlison and focused the spotlight on him.

Only then did Hi Shali Song laugh and enjoy the joy of being escorted by his colleagues. It was a moment when I was able to shake off all the pain I had been going through all at once.

Local media also paid attention to the quality of Son Heung-min’s argument. Son Heung-min compared his current Tottenham teammates to his family, saying that not only he but all of his players are really close-knit. The team atmosphere seems to have changed since he took on the role of leader by wearing the captain’s armband this summer.

According to ‘The Athletic’ on the 18th, Son Heung-min said, “Richarlison obviously had a really difficult time and a difficult season, but I was very, very happy. Maybe I was happier than Richarlison,” and added, “We are a team. “We need him. He’s really good, but his confidence issues are very different. I just wanted to give Richarlison the hug he deserves.”

Son Heung-min added, “Richarlison was struggling. We all hoped this game would help his confidence. He changed the whole game. That’s what we were waiting for. This celebration is part of us as a family. “I hope you always have a good time when playing together,” he added.

The praise for Richarlison never stopped. Son Heung-min said, “Richarlison is a really strong person, he has a good personality and he can always come back strong. But when you go through difficult times, you need good people around you. I always try to be his friend and give him experience if he needs anything. “He can help with his play. I think everyone is behind him and helping him.”

Tottenham’s team atmosphere has changed since Son Heung-min took on the role of leader by wearing the captain’s armband this summer. Not only director Angie Postekoglou, but also various media outlets are paying great attention. There is even talk that Harry Kane’s departure for Bayern Munich actually helped bring the players together.온라인카지노

Nevertheless, Son Heung-min gave credit to his teammates. “I’m not the type of player who always talks and leads with words. I try to be a good example for everyone, but having a group of players like this makes my job really easy,” he said. “We’ve become really, really tight-knit in the locker room. “We work, run, and fight for each other,” he emphasized.

Finally, Son Heung-min said, “When someone falls behind, we reach out. Everyone does so happily. It makes us stronger as a team and as a group. We have become really close. I hope we can become even closer than we are now.” added.

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