It was almost an iron wall… Kim Min-jae, lower rating than ‘Upamecano’? ‘It’s too much to be on the same level as Gnabri.’

Kim Min-jae’s rating is lower than Upamecano’s and the same as Gnabry’s.

German media outlet ‘Kicker’ released the ratings for the match between Bayern Munich and Leverkusen on the 16th (Korean time). The kicker gave Kim Min-jae a rating of 3 points and Upamecano a rating of 2 points. (The lower the kicker’s rating, the better. 1 point: the highest score, 5 points: the lowest score) Munich kicked off at 3:30 a.m. on the 16th (Korean time)

. ) At the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, they recorded a 2-2 draw with Leverkusen in the fourth round of the 2023/24 German Bundesliga season, and although they had 10 points, they fell to second place due to goal difference.온라인카지노

In this game, Munich started Minjae Kim and Upamecano as center backs. Kim Min-jae played the full 90 minutes and showed good performance with a 91% pass success rate, 33% long pass success rate, 3 clearances, 2 header clears, and 6 recoveries.

Of course, there were a few missed passes, but he led the team by blocking Leverkusen’s rising attacker Boniface well.

Upamecano also showed good performance by playing the full 90 minutes, recording a 90% pass success rate, a 50% long pass success rate, 2 clearances, 1 header clear, and 11 recoveries. In particular, in the second half, they showed intelligent defense based on superior physical strength.

Meanwhile, Gnabry, who received the same rating of 3 as Kim Min-jae, showed a poor performance. He showed 3 Big Chance Smiths, 0% dribbling success, and an 11% ground ball duel success rate. In particular, he received Kim Min-jae’s accurate forward pass with a good touch, but was unable to turn it into a goal, causing disappointment.

Footmob and Sofa Score, media outlets that specialize in soccer ratings, also rated Kim Min-jae in the mid-7 range and Gnabry in the 6-point range, but ‘Kicker’, which has high credibility in German soccer, rates Kim Min-jae and Gnabry at the same level. This is an evaluation that I don’t understand.

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