‘I ruined the Brazilian national team and burst into tears.’ Is Richarlison a Tottenham starter again?

Richarlison (26, Tottenham) burst into tears while playing for the Brazilian national team.

The Brazilian national team defeated Bolivia 5-1 in the ‘2026 North and Central America World Cup South American Qualifier’ held in Belém, Brazil on the 16th. Rodrygo and Neymar scored multiple goals together.

However, Richarlison, who played as a frontline striker, struggled and was replaced after playing 71 minutes. Richarlison was even seen shedding tears on the bench.온라인카지노

Richarlison also started as a starter against Peru on the 13th, but failed to score a goal and was replaced by Gabriel Jesus after 64 minutes. His form, which ranked first in the best goals by scoring four goals at the Qatar World Cup, has completely collapsed.

Richarlison, who suffered a mental breakdown, declared, “I will seek counseling from a psychiatrist when I return to London.” Aside from his football, Richarlison is said to have struggled with financial relationships involving his acquaintances.

Tottenham coach Anger Postecoglou also came forward to help Richarlison. He said: “The last five months have been very difficult for Richarlison. I saw him get emotional after the game. He said that no one is perfect. He will help with anything he wants. “I will prepare a place for him,” he declared.

In the match against Burnley on the 2nd, Tottenham dropped Richarlison and placed Son Heung-min in the top spot. Son Heung-min scored a hat trick. Tottenham faces Sheffield on the 16th. It is interesting to see whether ‘Nail’ will appear again in place of the mentally difficult Richarlison. 

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