Ten Haha, you are wrong!”… Manchester United legend comments on ‘Sancho protest incident’, points out “It should be resolved internally, not publicly criticized

Recently, a big stir occurred at Manchester United in the English Premier League (EPL). This is the so-called Jadon Sancho ‘protest situation’.

Manchester United striker Sancho complained to Manchester United manager Erik ten Haag. Manager Ten Haag excluded Sancho from the list in the fourth round against Arsenal.

For that reason, he said publicly, “After watching the training, I excluded Sancho. Manchester United requires a certain level of training, and players have to meet that standard. Sancho could not do that, so I excluded him.”

Then Sancho publicly refuted this. He said on social media: “Please don’t believe everything. I won’t allow anything to be said that is not true. I trained very well this week. I believe there is another reason for my exclusion from this match. I have been a scapegoat for a long time. It is unfair. “No matter what happens, I will continue to fight for this badge,” he asserted.

There was a huge stir. There is an analysis that manager Ten Haag, who values ​​discipline, will remove Sancho from Manchester United. There was also speculation that Sancho would leave Manchester United and return to Dortmund. Sancho has currently deleted his social media posts.

One of Manchester United’s legends, Dwight Yorke, who observed this situation, criticized Ten Haag’s methods and said that they were wrong.온라인카지노

Yorke played for Manchester United from 1998 to 2002 and collected a total of six trophies, including three EPL titles. In particular, he played a leading role in Manchester United’s historic glory, the 1998-99 treble.

York emphasized through ‘Genting Casino’ that “Ten Haag was wrong.”

He continued, “This situation is entirely the manager’s fault. For example, I also did not always agree with Sir Alex Ferguson’s opinions. I also did not think that Sir Alex Ferguson’s decisions were 100% right. We are all human, and we do not agree with anyone’s opinions. “It may not be true. This is life and part of life,” he said.

He emphasized, “Sancho thought he had trained well, and Ten Haag thought he had not. In this situation, Ten Haag decided that Sancho was not right. No one can judge right and wrong. It is always subjective.” did.

The core of Ten Haag’s mistake. He was said to have publicly criticized his own player.

Yorke said: “It was clearly wrong for Ten Haag to publicly criticize Sancho. This is something that needs to be resolved internally. It is something that needs to be kept internally and not publicized. If he had done that, Sancho might have accepted it as well.” “I need to do my best for the team,” he pointed out.

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