Klinsmann appealed to positive public opinion… The negative atmosphere was brought on by oneself.

The person who created the current negative atmosphere is director Jurgen Klinsmann himself.

Coach Klinsmann met with Chi Chae-jin after returning to Korea on the 14th, and when asked about the negative public opinion towards him and his future problems, he mentioned the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup to be held in Qatar in January next year. Coach Klinsmann thought that it was not too late to criticize himself after failing to produce results in the Asian Cup.먹튀검증

Coach Klinsmann said, “I think the Asian Cup will eventually become our benchmark. Everyone is preparing with the Asian Cup as the benchmark. Of course, if the results are not good, the fans and the media will naturally criticize me. At that time, it will be a test. “I think there is no choice. That is the destiny of a coach,” he said, adding that it is reasonable to receive criticism if the results of the Asian Cup are not good.

He appealed to people to trust and wait for the national team until then. Coach Klinsmann said that only when a positive atmosphere is created can the national team players receive good energy. He is of the position that if a negative atmosphere is created from the outside like now, the national team will inevitably be affected.

Coach Klinsmann said, “I think the team needs to receive positive public opinion and response until we prepare for the next competition. Only then can we succeed. No matter how strongly we unite internally and send positive messages to the outside, negative public opinion from outside Once formed, the team is bound to be shaken. We and the players receive energy from positive public opinion and a positive atmosphere. The national team is ultimately a people’s team and a team that represents the country, so such a positive atmosphere is very helpful. “He emphasized the importance of positive public opinion.

However, the current atmosphere was brought about by Director Klinsmann himself. Coach Klinsmann has not won in five games since taking office, and the performance against Saudi Arabia, which he won in six games, cannot be said to have been good. Responsibility for performance and game results naturally lies with the coach. A manager cannot avoid criticism if his performance is not good and the results do not follow suit.

In addition, Coach Klinsmann has created several controversies outside of the game, such as the controversy over going abroad and comments in a recent interview. This is why the negative public opinion toward Coach Klinsmann has worsened, not just because of the five-game winless streak.

The October international match is important to create the positive public opinion that Coach Klinsmann appealed to. Klinsmann will play two consecutive international matches against Tunisia and Vietnam in October. If he does not show good performance and results, that is, improvement in these two games, the negative public opinion that Coach Klinsmann does not want will continue to harass Klinsmann.

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