No. 1 in ERA+WHIP+QS’ Gerrit Cole pitches perfectly in 7 innings KKKKKKKKK, one step closer to winning his first Cy Young Award

New York Yankees Gerrit Cole (33) took one step closer to winning his first Cy Young Award.

Cole started the 2023 Major League Milwaukee Brewers game held at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York, USA on the 11th (Korean time) and recorded a quality start plus pitching, allowing 3 hits, no walks, 9 strikeouts, and no runs in 7 innings.

However, as the batting line did not explode, he came off the mound in the 8th inning when the score was 0-0 and was unable to become the winning pitcher.

It was good from the first episode. He finished the inning cleanly with a straight hit and two strikeouts. In the second inning, we faced a crisis. With two outs, he surrendered back-to-back hits to Andrew Monasterio and Victor Caratini. Here, he committed a wild pitch and ended up on second and third base. However, he showed his crisis management skills by handling the follow-up batter with a base hit.

He regained his stability in the third inning. He again pitched a three-way inning. He was assisted by a fielder in the fourth inning. With one out and one out, he allowed a big hit to Mark Canha. At this point, he was thrown out on a jump catch by left fielder Everson Pereira. Cole then finished the game with a fly ball to center field that hit Willie Adams.

Cole faced a scoring crisis again in the 5th inning. With two outs and two outs, he hit a double by Bryce Touraine. He then grounded Taylor to shortstop to end the inning.

Cole, who was on the mound in the 6th inning, struck out 2 and pitched the game cleanly. In the 7th inning, he completed his task with a three-run inning.

However, the Yankees’ batting line was also blocked by Milwaukee starter Corbin Burns and was unable to hit a single hit. Because of this, Cole did not become a winning pitcher. 

Still, through this day’s game, Cole achieved one achievement. He reached the 200 strikeout mark. With this, Cole became the first Yankees player to record 200 strikeouts in three consecutive seasons.

Cole, who was selected by Pittsburgh with the first overall pick in 2011, debuted in the big leagues in 2013 and emerged as an ace in 2015, ranking 4th in the National League Cy Young Award voting with 19 wins, 8 losses, an ERA of 2.60, and 202 strikeouts.온라인카지노

Cole, who moved to Houston through a trade ahead of 2018, had a career-high season in 2019 with 20 wins, 5 losses, an ERA of 2.50, and 326 strikeouts. But this time, he finished second in the AL Cy Young Award behind Justin Verlander. At the end of that year, he signed a huge 8-year free agent contract with the Yankees worth $324 million, and in 2021, he recorded 16 wins, 8 losses, an ERA of 3.23, and 243 strikeouts, but this time he had to be satisfied with second place in Cy Young Award voting. He lost to Toronto Blue Jays Robbie Ray (13 wins, 7 losses, 2.84).

Cole, who was unable to win the Cy Young Award, took the opportunity again this year. Including today’s game, he recorded 13 wins, 4 losses, and an average ERA of 2.79 in 30 games and 187 innings. He ranks first in the AL with an ERA and WHIP of 1.03. He also leads the AL in quality starts with 22. His hitting percentage of 0.214 is second in the AL, and his strikeouts of 204 are third in the AL. 

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