MLB Strasburg’s retirement press conference canceled… Remaining salary payment issue

The retirement press conference of Major League Baseball (MLB) Stephen Strasburg (35, Washington Nationals) was canceled due to issues with remaining salary payment.온라인카지노

According to USA Today and the Washington Times on the 8th, Strasberg originally planned to hold a press conference at the National Spark in Washington, D.C. on the 10th to formalize his retirement.

The fact that Strasburg would retire at the end of this season was already reported in local media last month.

However, ahead of the meeting, the Washington team is said to have requested renegotiation on the issue of paying Strasburg’s remaining annual salary ($1.05 million over three years).

USA Today reported, “The original agreement was for Strasburg to retire with the terms of his contract intact,” but “the Washington club changed its position without any explanation.”

There is also an analysis that this is unrelated to the Washington team’s austerity management policy.

Washington recently notified more than 10 scouts that their contracts could not be renewed, and the contract extension with general manager Mike Rizzo has not yet been finalized.

Strasburg, once called a ‘monster pitcher’, won the WS Most Valuable Player Award (MVP) with 18 wins (6 losses) in the 2019 regular season and 2 wins in the World Series (WS).

Accordingly, Washington gave him a huge 7-year contract worth $245 million, but due to a series of injuries, Strasburg was only able to pitch 31⅓ innings in 8 games over the 4 years after signing the contract, earning only 1 win.

He underwent wrist surgery in 2020, the first year of his contract, played in five games in 2021 due to shoulder problems, and played in only one game in 2022 due to an elbow injury. He didn’t get on the mound at all this year.

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