Ronaldo: “My rivalry with Messi is gone… We are not friends, we have never had a meal, but we respect each other” “We changed the history of football”

 Cristiano Ronaldo (38, Al-Nasr) said that his long-standing rivalry with Lionel Messi (36, Inter Miami CF) has “gone.” Still, he said, “The two of us changed the history of soccer.”

According to a report by ESPN on the 7th, Ronaldo and Messi have dominated the sport of soccer for over 10 years, and together they have won a total of 790 trophies. There are only two players in history who have scored more than 800 goals in their career.

“You don’t see anything like that anymore,” Ronaldo said. Competition is gone. The competition was good and the crowd loved it. People who love Cristiano Ronaldo don’t have to hate Messi, and vice versa. We did well and changed the history of football. We are respected all over the world, and that is the most important thing.”

Ronaldo continued: “Messi followed his path and I followed mine regardless of playing outside Europe. From what I’ve seen, he’s doing great, and so am I. The legacy continues, but I don’t see that competition.”

Ronaldo said: “We have shared the stage many times, for 15 years. We don’t say we’re friends. “I have never had dinner with him, but we are professional colleagues and respect each other.”

After spending two years at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Messi moved to Inter Miami of the U.S. Major League Soccer (MLS) in mid-July, and won the 44th trophy of his career by leading the team to victory in the 2023 League Cup in August. did. He is the winningest soccer player of all time.

Ronaldo left Manchester United last January and moved to Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nasr, where he lifted the Arab Club Champions Cup last August. He especially showed off his spirit in the game against Al Hazem last Saturday, reaching the 850th goal in his career.

Regarding this, Ronaldo said, “It is a historical landmark. The numbers I achieve are a source of pride. “I didn’t think I could reach that,” he said.

Ronaldo, a five-time Ballon d’Or winner, is proud to be a pioneer for other star players to join the Saudi Professional League.바카라사이트

“I knew this (transfer market) was going to happen. I said it six months ago and everyone thought I was crazy. But in the end, crazy people aren’t that crazy, and playing in the Arab League is normal.”

Ronaldo said, “It was a great privilege for me to change the culture of a country from a football perspective and to have great stars go to Saudi Arabia. I was a pioneer, and I am proud of that. “What I want most is to always continue to evolve so that (the Saudi League) can be at the highest level,” he said. 

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