Come to your senses! Ulsan!” Ulsan fans remember 2013

Set up the settlement! Ulsan!” When the game ended, Ulsan’s home fans bowed their heads and shouted loudly at the walking team. Ulsan is still the leader in K League 1, and the point gap with second place Pohang is 8 points, but Ulsan fans remember the pain of finishing second in 2013.

Ulsan Hyundai was defeated 0-2 by Gwangju FC in the 29th round of ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ held at Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium at 4:30 pm on the 3rd. With the loss that day, Ulsan remained at 61 points, with an 8-point gap over second-place Pohang.

After the game, Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo said, “The most disappointing thing was the first goal conceded. Although the goal was conceded, I think the process before that was the problem for the entire team. There was no sense of responsibility or cohesion at all. They say they have individual abilities, but if they don’t play as a team, “It can never be reflected in the results. Last year, we were able to win because we showed dedication to the team rather than to individuals, but at the moment, we need to look closely at the problems,” he said.

Ulsan, the strongest player in K League 1, has recently fallen into a slump. The brilliant attacking soccer led by Joo Min-gyu, Bako, Martin Adam, and Eom Won-sang are not being played, and the performance itself appears to have declined. In particular, on this day, the match against Gwangju was helplessly defeated, and now second place Pohang is allowed to catch up.

There are many problems, but the biggest problem is that they have not been able to maintain an upper hand in the midfield battle. In particular, a big hole was created when Park Yong-woo, a national team midfielder and starting defensive midfielder, left the team through the summer transfer market. Coach Hong Myung-bo is trying to minimize the gap through various combinations, but his poor performance is hardly recovering. In addition, the team is experiencing difficulties due to major and minor injuries and stamina issues of the main players.

It was the Gwangju match where all of Ulsan’s problems came out. Regarding this, coach Hong Myung-bo said, “It is the coach’s role to explain to the players, but it is not an easy task. The players work hard and do their best, but it feels like something is missing. After conceding a goal, we became more urgent and our play was not good. “We will have to prepare well for these things during the break,” he said.

After the crushing loss against Gwangju, the Ulsan players bowed their heads and walked to the supporters’ seats where the ‘Cheoyong Warriors’ were. At this time, Ulsan’s home fans expressed their disappointment with the players’ performance by shouting “Come on! Ulsan!” several times.

The reason is clear. Ulsan is the team with the most runner-up finishes in K-League history, but they often slipped at the end of the season and lost the championship trophy. In particular, in 2013, despite showing overwhelming performance, they often lost points in the second half of the season, and eventually lost to Pohang in the final game of the league, giving up the championship. At that time, the point difference was only 1 point, and the championship could have been won with just a draw.바카라사이트

Ulsan fans remembered the pain of 2013. There is still a comfortable 8-point gap with second-place Pohang, but if they make a mistake, the pain of 2013 could be repeated, so Ulsan fans sent an earnest message to the players.

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