‘Living legend’ Ryu Hyun-jin, Toronto victory fairy!

 Ryu Hyun-jin (36, Toronto), who made a perfect comeback after elbow surgery, is even being called ‘Toronto’s living legend.’ He is also playing the role of Toronto’s victory fairy.토토사이트

Ryu Hyun-jin started the away game against Colorado held at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado, USA on the 2nd (Korean time) and pitched 5 innings, allowing 4 hits (1 home run), 2 walks, 2 runs, and 3 strikeouts. Ryu Hyun-jin’s fourth win failed due to a poor bullpen, but Toronto won 13-9 and won two games in a row.

Toronto posted a photo and pitching video of Ryu Hyun-jin on the club’s social media and called him a ‘living legend.’ It was also highlighted that his earned run average was 2.48 after his return. Canada’s ‘Sports Net’ reported, “Ryu Hyun-jin allowed two runs in five innings at Coors Field. “This is the same pitching content as 7 scoreless innings (at another stadium),” he emphasized.

Ryu Hyun-jin has appeared in 6 games and has 3 wins and 1 loss, an ERA of 2.48, and WHIP (on-base percentage allowed per inning) of 1.03. He is showing off the most reliable form among Toronto’s starting lineup. Above all, Toronto won 5 of the 6 games in which Ryu Hyun-jin appeared. Except for the game against Baltimore on the 2nd of last month, Toronto recorded all wins.

There is a reason. Ryu Hyun-jin did not give up more than 2 earned runs in any game in which he started. He did not allow a single earned run in three games. Additionally, Ryu Hyun-jin is receiving 4.03 runs per 9 innings. This means that hitters who feel stable when Ryu Hyun-jin takes the mound are bursting.

Toronto is competing with Texas for a wild card to advance to the postseason. The presence of Ryu Hyun-jin, who wins whenever he pitches, is reassuring

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