CEO’s bold decision + full support, ‘Dooly’ director Park Jin-seop, ‘direct promotion’ is approaching

In 2020, the K-League 2 (Part 2) relegation was shocking.온라인카지노 Even last year, they were humiliated by being ranked 10th in the second division. A change was needed. Eventually, in the summer of last year, Portuguese coach Ricardo Perez was sacked, and he sent a love call to coach Park Jin-seop, who was leading the Jeonbuk B team (2nd team) at the time. Director Park’s popularity was a sangjongga. Another corporate club, the Jeonnam Dragons, which had been demoted to the second division at the time, also wanted coach Park. In this situation, Busan I-Park CEO Kim Byeong-seok’s bold decision and quick movement moved director Park’s heart. After deciding on coach Park among the candidates for the new head coach, CEO Kim immediately ran to Bongdong-eup, Jeonju-si, where the Jeonbuk Hyundai clubhouse is located. After holding a meeting with Park, he accepted the directorship verbally. And the next day, I met coach Park, who moved to Seoul to receive leadership training, and signed the contract.

Full support was also spared. In order to achieve good results, players who understand the coach’s football philosophy and can perform on the ground must be recruited. Busan went all-in on recruiting players. Eventually, Busan, which beat Jeonnam last season and came out of the bottom of the second division, released 14 players ahead of this season and reinforced 20 foreign strikers, including 8 newcomers. did a massive water change. It didn’t stop once. In addition, in the summer transfer market, 4 people were transferred and leased, and 11 people were recruited, including Kim Jeong-hwan, Min-sanggi, Kang Sang-yoon, Park Dong-jin, and Yeoreum. The Busan club’s move has completely changed. The number of players, which was in the early to mid-40s, has exceeded 50. Still, Busan is running Team B, and the virtuous circle of players is working well. Above all, the possibility of promotion to the 1st division is gradually increasing. The priority was to narrow the gap with the leader Kim Cheon (military team).

Busan drove the competition to win the K-League 2 into the fog by winning 2-0 at home against Kim Cheon on the 29th. If you win K-League 2, you can automatically promote to K-League 1. Busan recorded 14 wins, 8 draws and 5 losses (50 points), reducing the gap with Gimcheon (51 points) to 1 point. It’s a very good flow with 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in the last 7 matches. On the other hand, Kimcheon’s ‘defeat’ is increasing in the second half of the season. Four of the eight losses of the season are in the second half. There are 9 games left for each team. Coach Park made the sand grains of Busan as hard as a rock in one year. On the other side of it lies the insight of CEO Kim Byeong-seok.

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