It’s a chance for Suwon FC… Director Kim Do-gyun “We have to be aggressive and score goals” in Incheon missing Zerso, Mugosa, and Hernandez

You have to score in the first half.”

Suwon FC head coach Kim Do-gyun said this after seeing the opponent’s lineup without key players due to physical problems.

Suwon FC invites Incheon United to its home stadium in the 28th round of Hanawon Q K League 1 2023 at Suwon Sports Complex on the 25th. Suwon FC, which is in 10th place with 26 points and placed in the relegation zone, has a busy road to go.온라인바카라

At least I sighed. In the previous round, they won a 2-1 come-from-behind victory over Gangwon FC (20 points). However, coach Kim said, “It is dangerous to think that we have an advantage (in the relegation fight). The most urgent thing is to get out of the relegation zone. Since Incheon played during the week, the first half took away key players. We have to be a little more aggressive in the first half.”

I hoped for the first goal. Coach Kim said, “I want to score in the first half. You have to play a game that doesn’t get dragged. It’s not that I’m ignoring my opponent, but Jerso Hernandez Mugosa was excluded from the selection. We have to get aggressive and score when they’re not there. It was also emphasized to the players. In the second half, those three will definitely come out, but we need to take the lead before that situation comes. That way, I think we can play an advantageous game.”

Striker Kim Hyun-eun is on standby. Coach Kim said, “After hernia surgery, I cannot see it as 100% in the stadium or training ground. As you play, you have to step up little by little. In any case, it is a situation where you have to take responsibility for the position alone. I am looking forward to good performance by managing my stamina and condition well.”

Regarding Yun Bit-garam, who put down the captain’s armband, “I don’t seem to be shaken (whether or not to claim the captaincy). It seems that the pressure is gone. Until now, except for the cumulative warning, he has played full-time. There seems to be fatigue. When forming the midfielder, considering the physical side, we decided to use Yun Bit-garam later. When you enter the game, your role. Have a positive effect on the team. We are looking forward to today’s game,” he said.

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