Ryu Hyun-jin came back and was kicked out”… Cy Young-class young gun, TOR fall secret weapon?

Ryu Hyun-jin (36, Toronto Blue Jays) returned and was kicked out of the starting rotation.”

On the 23rd (Korean time),메이저사이트the Canadian sports media ‘Sports Net’ expressed the current address of Toronto Young Gun Alec Manoa (25) like this. Manoa has been a rookie who has been attracting attention since his debut season in 2021, called ‘the next ace sense’. Last year, he played in 31 games, 16 wins and 7 losses, 196⅔ innings, and had an average ERA of 2.24, and finished third in the American League Cy Young Award voting. Since his rookie days, he is famous for chasing veteran Ryu Hyun-jin on and off the field and learning his know-how, so it is also well known as ‘Hyun-jin Ryu’ to domestic baseball fans.

However, he is mired in a slump that has no end in sight this year. Manoa started 19 games this season and went 3-9 with a 5.87 ERA in 87⅓ innings. The sense of stability on the mound has declined to the extent that he has only had four quality starts.

It was the same when he regrouped and returned from the minor leagues. Manoa has been sluggish with an ERA of 4.91 in six games since joining the big league roster on the 8th of last month. At the time, Toronto manager John Schneider, who planned a 6-man starting system for the 17-game series of hell, eventually sent Manoa back to the minor leagues and had to endure with a 5-man starting system.

The reason Schneider was able to give Manoa another chance to reorganize was, of course, thanks to Ryu Hyun-jin. Sportsnet expressed that Manoa was kicked out of the starting rotation when Ryu Hyun-jin returned, but

Ryu Hyun-jin lightened Schneider’s mind and gave his younger brother Manoa enough time to recover. After returning, Ryu Hyun-jin made a big success with 2 wins and 1 loss, 19 innings, and an average ERA of 1.89 in the 4 games he started. It’s almost like a player who went through Tommy John surgery in June of last year and returned after 13 months of rehabilitation. Of course, the speed is formed in the second half of 80 miles per hour, but he is stealing the timing of batters with clever ball combinations while freely using changing balls such as changeups, curves, and cutters. These days prove that Toronto is not the pitcher who won 80 million dollars in 4 years for nothing.

Toronto’s task for the rest of the season is to decide when to advance to fall baseball and return to Manoa. First of all, the atmosphere of the American League Wild Card competition is good. The Seattle Mariners, who placed 3rd in the fall baseball season, are currently on an 8-game winning streak. If the batting line explodes like now and the starters work stably, the dream of advancing to fall baseball for two consecutive years can be realized.

If Manoa recovers the same skills as last year, he can be a strong support for Toronto preparing for the fall. Manoa is currently looking for a big league call-up opportunity while accompanying Toronto instead of a Triple-A team.

Sportsnet said, ‘Manoa is currently accompanied by Toronto, but there is no plan to return to the mound in the near future or it is not in such a situation. It’s been 12 days since Manoa hasn’t played in the majors, and it’s unclear whether he’ll be back in the rotation as a starter or ready for a sudden injury outbreak,’ he explained.

“We’re trying to pass the time so that Manoa can come back at the right time and do his job again,” Schneider said. I guess I’ll have to check it every day,” he explained.

Coach Schneider did not completely exclude Manoa from the 6th selection. Even if Ryu Hyun-jin is currently stable, he is waiting for Manoa to recover his skills because he has just returned from an injury and needs management and control.

Manager Schneider said, “It’s hard to be sure in the current situation. We are thinking about other options for our team, and of course Manoa is one of them. We are thinking about whether Manoa or other pitchers can fit in the right place.”

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