Daegu Arts, Jeju International, and Jeonju, including Soongsil University, passed the group stage of the Baekdudaegan period undefeated

Soongsil University won all three matches in the group stage of the Baekdudaegan period.

On the 16th, Soongsil University defeated Gunjangdae 7-0 in the Baekdudaegan period of ‘The 59th Chugye University Football Federation in Taebaek, a highland tourism, recreation and leisure sports city’ held in Taebaek, Gangwon-do. They managed to win all 3 matches in the group stage. In particular, Soongsil University showed off its potential by scoring 10 goals in 3 matches and conceding only one goal.

Daegu Arts University defeated Nambu University 4-1.토토사이트 Jeju International University also defeated Yeonseong University 5-1 that day and won all three group stage matches. Jeonju University also defeated Gangdong University 6-0 and succeeded in going undefeated.

◇The 59th Chugye University Football Federation Baekdudaegangi (15th)

Jeju International 5-1 Yeonseong, Gimcheon 5-0 Korea Golf, Soongsil University 7-0 Gunjangdae, Dong-dong 2-2 Seoul, Yongin 4-1 Jeonnam Science, Kwangwoon 2 -0 Sehan, Jeonju 6-0 Gangdong, Jangan 0-2 Catholic Kwandong, Daegu Arts 4-1 Nambu, Shinseong 4-3 Daegyeong, Myeongji 4-3 Yeongnam, Incheon 2-1 Wideok, Paejae 1-4 Jeonjujeon, Central 1-0 Gangseo, Gwangju University 5-0 Gyeongmin, Konkuk 4-0 Chosun Science and Technology, Sangji 7-1 Dongwon. Daeshin 1-0 Donggang, Ulsan 6-1 Korea International, Halla 1-0 Gaya, Kyung Hee 1-0 Dongwon Technology

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