Defending Champion’ Daegu Arts University, Daeshin University 3-2 and ‘positive start’

Defending Champion’ Daegu Arts University has reached the top for the second consecutive time.

Daegu Arts University, led by coach Lee Chang-won,토토사이트won 3-2 in the 11th Group 1 match of the 59th Chugye University Football Federation against Daeshin University held at Gowon Stadium 1 in Taebaek, Gangwon on the 11th. Daegu Arts University took a 2-0 lead with scores from Kim Min-ho and Jo Joo-woo in the first half. Daedaedae did not back down. In the second half, Yuhan-seo and Kim Geon-ha’s consecutive goals tied the score at 2-2. The last one to laugh was Daegu Arts University. Kwak Dong-gyu’s winning goal in the 39th minute of the second half marked the end of the victory.

Jeju International, Gimcheon, Soongsil, Kyunghee, Dongdong, Yongin, Gwangju, Halla, Jeonju, Sangji, Daegyeong, Yeongnam, Widuk, Dongwon Science, Jeonju Jeon, Gangseo, Sehan, Gangdong, Catholic Kwandong, and Nambu University each reported their first wins. .

◇The 59th Chugye Univ. Football Federation Baekdu Daegangi group stage 1st match

Jeju International University 4-0 Shinsung University Gimcheon University

1-0 Myongji University Soongsil University 2-1 Incheon University Kyunghee University 4-2 Ulsan University Dong- Eui University 3-1 Paichai University Yongin University 2-1 Chung-Ang University Gwangju University 2- 1 Kwangwoon University Halla University 3-1 Hanil Presbyterian University Jeonju University 2-0 Konkuk University Sangji University 1-0 Jangan University Daegu University of the Arts 3-2 Daeshin University Daekyung University 4-1 Yeonseong University Yeungnam University 9-0 Korea Golf University Widuk University 2-1 Gunjangdae Dongwon University of Science and Technology 2-1 Korea International University

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