Suwon FC, which is full of variables, ‘Las Break-Lee Young-jae Return’, what is the choice of coach Kim Do-gyun?

 Suwon FC coach Kim Do-gyun has a complicated mind. This is because the team is full of all kinds of variables.

First of all, ‘key striker’ Lars left. Lars was charged with drunk driving on the 7th, and the investigation was completed. At the time of detection, the blood alcohol concentration was measured at 0.08% or more, which is equivalent to license revocation. Suwon FC immediately excluded Lars from the squad. He was excluded from playing and training. However, he did not terminate the contract. Suwon FC said, “According to the opinion that termination of the contract without any conditions, such as the recent case of other clubs, is not helpful in preventing a recurrence in the future, we will open the steering committee once again after the results of the federation reward and punishment committee to make a final decision on the level of punishment for Lass.” told On the 10th, the federation imposed a 15-game suspension and a 4 million won fine on Lars.

It was a thunderbolt in the dry sky. Lars is Suwon FC’s main striker. He has played 22 games this season and scored 9 goals. He is the top scorer on the team. He showed ups and downs throughout the season, but Lars was still the scariest striker in Suwon FC. In the Suwon Derby against Suwon Samsung on the 5th, he led the team to victory by scoring the winning header. The reason why director Kim Do-kyun led Ergodalrae Lars and came all the way here was because of his ‘oriental medicine’.토토사이트

But now there is no las. Right now, there is only one striker resource, Kim Hyun. Manager Kim is reorganizing the attacking team with Kim Hyun at the center. The problem is that there is no substitute for Kim Hyun when he is absent. Hyun Kim is a player with frequent injuries. Link play and basic skills are better than Lass, but the goal-making ability is a bit inferior. Coach Kim is considering putting Yang Dong-hyun, the playing coach, in the roster. Both coaches immediately started training. A change in position is also being considered. We plan to use Lee Seung-woo as a ‘fake number 9’ or to appoint Bautersson to the front. If even this fails, a plan to put midfielder Jeong Jae-yong in the front line is being considered. Since it is all a last resort, we hope that Kim Hyun will not get hurt and show a good appearance.

The return of ‘key midfielder’ Lee Young-jae is also adding to Kim’s concerns. Lee Young-jae is the player coach Kim has been waiting for. Lee Young-jae was active as the nucleus of Suwon FC’s midfield in 2021, and was the main character of the team’s first Final A line. After enlisting in the military, Lee Young-jae was discharged this summer. Lee Young-jae started in an away game against Pohang Steelers on the 2nd of last month and performed his return ceremony, but collapsed in the game. He was diagnosed with a partial torn knee ligament. Fortunately, he recovered quickly. Although there were prospects that it could take up to six weeks, Lee Young-jae joined team training during the break due to his quick recovery. He is expected to be able to play in the match against Jeju United on the 12th.

The problem is that the ‘three middle’, which led to Lee Seung-woo, Yoon Bit-garam, and Kim Seon-min through the last Suwon derby, performed well. Coach Kim made a winning move with the so-called ‘Lee Seung-woo shift’, which lowered striker Lee Seung-woo to midfielder, and succeeded wonderfully. When Lee Seung-woo came down to the midfield, forwardness and creativity that were not there before were added, and Suwon FC’s midfield became more structured. Coach Kim also gave a thumbs up to midfield play.

With Lee Young-jae added, one of them has to be taken out, but there is a risk that the good balance will collapse. Kim Kim-dok is contemplating between keeping the existing three-middle as it is and using the Lee Young-jae-Yun Bit-garam-Kim Seon-min trio once again with Lee Seung-woo on the side and making their debut against Pohang. Coach Kim is considering a plan to move freely with Lee Young-jae on the side.

Whether Suwon FC, which changed the atmosphere through the last Suwon Derby victory, will be able to overcome the variables and succeed in winning streak in Jeju, which can be a key point in the fierce relegation competition.

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