Enforcing the contract despite knowing the injury… Manchester United’s 120 billion striker can’t play, risk of fracture ‘major bad news’

English Premier League Manchester United invested £ 72 million in transfer fees to acquire striker Rasmus Höirun, who was in danger of not being used in the opening game.

On the 9th (Korean time), the British Daily Mirror said, “Hoirun is highly likely to have limited playing time in the early part of the season due to a back injury.”

According to reports, Hoiilun’s MRI during a medical test last week revealed a stress response in his back, which is being interpreted as symptoms likely leading to his stress fracture. It is known that the stress response is often experienced by athletes who exercise a lot at a young age, such as Höilun.

It has been reported that Manchester United coach Eric Tenhagh has already decided to exclude Hoeilun from the match against Tottenham Hotspur in the second round on the 20th following the Premier League opener against Wolverhampton Wanderers on the 13th.메이저사이트

Manchester United said: “It will take several weeks for Hojlun to get fit to play as a small problem persists during pre-season training with Atalanta.” However, a Manchester United source pointed out that “the extent of Hoirun’s injury is more serious than the club has disclosed.”

Höilun’s injury turned out to be similar to what Marcus Rashford suffered. Rashford missed several months of the 2019-20 season with a double stress fracture in his lower back.

Manchester United said after an intensive investigation that there was no underlying problem with Höilun’s back and that he only needed a break.

However, medical sources outside the club insisted to the Daily Mail that “these injuries require careful management and he may not be able to play two games a week for fear of the injury potentially developing into a stress fracture.”

The Daily Mail said, “Manchester United went ahead with the contract despite finding back problems in a medical test.”

After joining the ceremony, Höirun said, “I’ve been a fan of Manchester United since I was very young. I’ve always dreamed of walking at Old Trafford as a Manchester United player.” “, he said.

“I am still in the early stages of my career, but I am ready to play alongside world-class players at Manchester United,” he said. “I will enjoy my time with Eric ten Haag, the best manager in the world. I will do it,” he promised.

Director John Murtuff, who signed a long-term contract with Hörun, said: “He has the best skills and stamina among players of this age group. Coach Ten Hag will help Hörun develop. Give him enough time to reach his full potential. ” was expected.

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