10 goals in 2 matches Tottenham’s attack power explosion, Kane’s dependence on scoring is still a ‘dilemma’

 5 points in 2 consecutive games. In friendly matches, he showed off his mighty firepower. However, one player scored 5 out of 10 goals. Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League fell into the ‘Kane Dilemma’, the leading goalkeeper.

Harry Kane (30) is preparing to transfer to Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga. but it is sluggish The reason is simple. It’s because Tottenham doesn’t let go easily. Bayern Munich have rejected several transfer offers.

That would be the case, and the proportion of attacks against Kane in Tottenham is very high. Just look at the last two friendly matches. Tottenham beat Lion City Sailors and Shakhtar Donetsk 5-1. Scored 5 points in 2 consecutive games.메이저놀이터

Kane scored consecutive goals in both games. In the match against Lion City, he started as a starter and scored a penalty kick in the 49th minute of the first half. He was substituted out after only playing the first half. In the match against Shakhtar, he started and scored 4 goals in 80 minutes.

Last season Kane scored 30 goals in the English Premier League. Manchester City’s Erling Haaland was the top scorer with 36 goals, while Kane was ranked second. Haaland was pushed back with a ‘previous’ monster performance, but broke through the 30-goal mark by demonstrating tremendous scoring power. He was responsible for 42.9% of Tottenham’s 70 goals.

Even in the off-season friendlies, Kane still boasts a highly sensitive goal sense. Even when he was surrounded by rumors of a transfer to Bayern Munich, he continued to show off his presence as the best goal scorer. As Tottenham, you can’t just laugh at Kane’s big success. This is because if Kane transfers, there is a high possibility that his aerodynamic power will sharply decrease. Maybe that’s why he wants to protect Kane even more.

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