Thompson says Paul joined GSW: “I’m lucky to play with him as a shooter”

Klay Thompson (33) talked about playing with Chris Paul (38).

Thompson appeared as a guest on a podcast hosted by NBA player Paul George on the morning of the 7th (Korean time).

Thompson, who had kept his distance from the media for a while after being eliminated in the second round of the playoffs last season by losing to the Los Angeles Lakers, mentioned the Golden State Warriors (hereinafter referred to as Golden State)’s decision to trade for Paul.

He said, “We are lucky. He is one of the greatest players of all time. He was part of the 75th anniversary team. He brought up all the franchises he wanted,” he responded humorously. Previously, Thompson expressed regret that he was not included in the NBA’s 75th Anniversary Team.

Golden State has parted ways with Jordan Poole to acquire Paul from the Washington Wizards. The team paid Patrick Baldwin Jr., Ryan Rollins, a 2030 first-round pick, a 2027 second-round pick, and cash in exchange for a trade with a veteran player.

Paul is already 38 years old and given his injury history in the playoffs, many have expressed doubts that he will be an influential player for Golden State. In particular, former Golden State big man DeMarcus Cousins ​​pointed out that he “don’t understand” the move at all, citing skepticism about the trade.

Despite this skepticism, however, Thompson supported his new teammate. He focused on being one of the smartest players in the NBA of all time.

“As a shooter, I am excited. I’m sure CP (nicknamed Chris Paul) will put the seams on my hands. he will make me look good “I’m going to get multiple 3-point opportunities every night,” he said. “He’s a winner. I’ve played with him several times and I can tell how competitive he is. He will do anything to win. That is the atmosphere we want.”

Last season, Thompson recorded an average of 21.9 points and 41.2% (10.6) of 3-point success rate in 69 games in the regular season, ranking first in the number of successful 3-pointers (301). However, as he aged in defense, he was intensively targeted in the playoffs, and his dribble gradually became longer, revealing a disappointing appearance.토토사이트

However, the joining of Paul, who can give a different dynamic from the existing Golden State and help improve problems, seems to be of great help to Thompson.

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