‘This friend is finally here!’…Holland-KDB, when ‘monster CB’ was recruited, ‘senpai’s love’

Manchester City players welcomed Joshko Gbardiol.

European football transfer market expert Fabricio Romano said on his SNS on the 4th (Korean time), “Man City and RB Leipzig have just signed the paperwork. Gvardiol is now considered a Man City player. “It has been confirmed in euros (approximately 127.9 billion won), and the player has already agreed to a long-term contract in June. Gvardiol will head to Manchester and will undergo a medical test on Friday.”스포츠토토

Gbardiol is currently the world’s most promising centre-back prospect. Even though he was born in 2002, he is already regarded as one of the best centre-backs in the world. He is the epitome of a modern football centre-back, with his man-to-person defense, speed and underfoot ability.

Even in his last season, he played as a key player for Leipzig. Transferred to Leipzig from Dinamo Zagreb in 2021, he is an indispensable centre-back for Leipzig. He is also active in the national team, and in the last 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, he served as Croatia’s main center back and led the semifinals.

Manchester City spotted Gbardiol early. Manchester City won the treble last season, and will look to build a stronger defense next season. Also, if you use the back 3, Kyle Walker can run, but he needs a center back because he is also raised to leave for Bayern Munich.

However, Leipzig did not want to give up Gbardiol easily. Croatian ‘Index’ said: “If Gvardiol goes to Manchester City, he will be the most expensive defender in the history of world football. Leipzig are asking for 100 million euros (about 143.9 billion won) for his transfer, and anything less is not interested. no,” he said. This is similar to the 86 million pounds (approximately 143.3 billion won) revealed by Goheon of the ‘Daily Mail’.

In the end, negotiations reached an agreement, and Gbardiol was transferred to Manchester City. According to Romano, the transfer fee has been confirmed at 90 million euros (approximately 127.9 billion won) without additional options, and the player has already agreed to a long-term contract in June. Gbardiol will head to Manchester and is said to be undergoing a medical on Friday.

Meanwhile, as Gbardiol entered the Manchester City training ground, the scene of the players welcoming the new student Gbardiol was released on Manchester City’s official SNS. In the video, Kevin De Bruyne, Elling Holland, and Jack Grealish walked side by side, leaving Gbardiol with the words, “You finally signed,” and leisurely entered the training ground. It was a joking expression of his transfer, for which negotiations were slower than initially expected. Gbardiol laughed and laughed shyly.

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